Mermaid Gem AKA Kalina, Wedgetail, Paradisio, Elsie Rose, Siara`s Gift, not KJ Booker


My very first Frangipani. Luc Vannoorbeeck & I had a bidding war at an auction at the first Frangipani Conference held at the Gold Coast. I won. I proceeded to ask for a steak knife & cut off a piece & gave to Luc. Lovely memories. both Carol & Luc became good friends

AKA Kalina, Wedgetail,  Paradisio,  Elsie Rose,  Siara`s Gift

Similar but not the same as KJ Booker. Originated from Mermaid Beach in S.E. Queensland, Australia.  Bright crimson flowers with well defined bright yellow centre. Round, pointed petals, slight overlap. lovely big bunches. Fairy floss type scent  Still a favourite


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Mermaid Gem Frangipani also known as (AKA) Kalina



Elsie Rose

Siara`s Gift

NOT KJ Booker