Irma Bryan AKA Irma Bryant,Dang Kham Yee,Thai one,Blood Red,Darwin Blood Red,Red Blood,Tahitian Red,Aussie Red,Dons Heavenly Red,Suva Red,Raes Red,Glenns Red,Richlands Red, Mars,Red Emma,Bunnys Burgandy,Red Star,Mareeba Star,Heart of Joy


Strong red with a small pale orange yellow centre with wide elliptical petals with pointed tips.  Moderately overlapping petals, slightly wavy edges, flowers are 2 1/2 inches with a spicy scent.  beautiful

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Irma Bryan also known as (AKA) Irma Bryant,  Dang Kham Yee,

Thai one,  Blood Red,  Darwin Blood Red

Red Blood,  Tahitian Red,  Aussie Red

Dons Heavenly Red,  Suva Red,  Raes Red

Glenns Red,  Richlands Red,  Mars

Red Emma,  Bunnys Burgandy,  Red Star’

Mareeba Star,  Heart of Joy