Gam Maam AKA Gkam maam,Gammam,cheek honey,Angels Comet,Epicentrum.similar to Li Nam Tam,Lay Nom Dtaan NOT Morning Star or Morning Star Hyb


Thai translates to Lady`s Cheek or Blushing Cheek. Seedling of Morning Star. This has very large, hot salmon, orange centre surrounded by golden yellow then by cream and white flowers. Very unusual with a lovely rich perfume.  The flowers are 3 1/2 to 4 inch. The colour needs the heat to be at its best. Absolutely spectacular!




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Gam Maam aslo known as (AKA) Gkam Maam


Cheek Honey

Angels Comet


similar to Li Nam Tam

Lay Nom Dtaan

NOT morning star or Morning Star Hybrid